Tents on Campus

The university permits the use of tents during gameday tailgating, vender/student/department tabling, other special events. Prior to setting up a tent, be sure to reach out to the sponsoring university department to ensure tents are permitted.

Tent Use Guidelines:

Tents, tarps or canopies are not permitted if they impede foot or vehicular traffic or if they extend into additional parking spaces, drive lanes, sidewalks. In order to protect parking lot surfaces, tents, awnings, and similar items that require ground stakes are prohibited. All tents and canopies must allow for an unobstructed view inside the tent or canopy. Violators of this policy will be asked by University Event Staff to remove or dismantle the item. Stakes used in the green space area may not be longer than 12 inches or wider than half an inch in order to not interfere with underground utilities. Weights or sandbags are encouraged. Call 940.565.2109 if you have a safety concern.

Tents are not to be used for camping, as the university does not allow camping on campus. You may review the Prohibition of Camping on University Property Policy here.