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Safety Coordinator Program

The Safety Coordinator Program is an effort by UNT Emergency Management staff to help ensure that there are people in every building on campus who know what actions to take during an emergency and who can assist those around them.

Safety Coordinators are full-time faculty or staff who have received training to assist their fellow building occupants during emergencies. Responsibilities of Safety Coordinators include:

  • Coordinating regularly with other building Safety Coordinators 
  • Becoming familiar with emergency procedures
  • Becoming familiar with the location and use of safety equipment in the building, such as fire extinguishers and automatic external defibrillators (AED) 
  • Ensuring that all occupants of the building have, depending on the situation, exited the building or gathered at the designated shelter area during drills and actual emergencies 
  • Assisting individuals with disabilities as necessary during drills and actual emergencies 

All full-time faculty and staff members are encouraged to serve as Safety Coordinators.

Upon registering, Safety Coordinators will be required to attend an orientation at which time they will receive a hard copy of the Emergency Preparedness Guide and a red vest to be worn during drills and actual emergencies.

For questions about the Safety Coordinator Program, please contact Emergency Management at

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Safety Coordinator Orientation

Safety Coordinator Orientation

The Safety Coordinator Orientation course provides an overview of the Safety Coordinator program and examples of how to respond to potential hazards on campus.

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Course Length: 1.5 hours

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