Safety Coordinator Orientation Training

Image of severe weather on UNT Cmapus

  • Are you interested in becoming a Safety Coordinator?
  • Are you and/or your department prepared?
  • Do you have an emergency plan for yourself and others whom you work with and alongside every day?

Join us for a Safety Coordinator Orientation training session. We will meet at our Emergency Operations Center, to discuss preparedness topics that could affect and/or disrupt our daily lives in a flash. Severe weather preparedness, Violence on campus, Public Health concerns are just a few of the important topics we will discuss. This orientation session is required for all Safety Coordinators. Please plan to attend if you have recently registered to be a Safety Coordinator, or if you simply want to visit our Emergency Operations Center for a training refresher.

Interested in this training? Fill out a form to request a training here or contact to find out more and schedule a session.