Restricted Travel Exception Request Form

Traveler Information
Group Travel
Only one member of a group has to fill out the Travel Exception Request Form.
List the names of all accompanying travelers. Also list whether the traveler is a faculty/staff member, undergraduate student, graduate student, guest, dependent, or volunteer. Example: John Doe, volunteer
Destination Information
Select the countries you plan on visiting that are classified as high and extreme risk destinations. (Select "Ctrl" prior to selecting additional countries - Do not scroll through the menu while the "Ctrl" key is being pressed)
List the cities you plan on visiting.
The content given in this section will be used to justify your travel to a high-risk destination. To ensure your appeal is processed in a timely manner, please provide as much information as you can. You may also attach a more detailed itinerary and any supporting documents at the end of this section.
Explain why it is important for you to travel to the selected destination/s. Provide a detailed itinerary, making sure to lists all planned activities and their locations.
Please provide details on housing, dining, and transportation. Also, include the availability of internet access or cell phone access.
Please provide details in regards to your experience/history within the proposed location.
Upload detailed itinerary and supporting documents here. (Optional) If you have more than one document, please email additional documents to
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt pdf doc docx ppt pptx.
Chair (Students)/Supervisor (Faculty/Staff) Contact Information
Please give the contact information of the sponsoring/responsible faculty member in the spaces below if the traveler is a student. If the traveler is an employee, provide the supervisor's contact information in the spaces below.
I am aware that the University of North Texas recommends students, faculty and staff use caution when traveling to a country identified by the U.S. Department of State as a high-risk destination. I am aware that one or more of my travel destinations may be an area that poses high risks for crime (including kidnapping and cybercrimes), terrorism, political conflict or corruption, unreliable or unsafe infrastructure, or civil unrest. I understand that the University provides risk assessments for high-risk destinations upon the submission of my registration form or upon request, and that these assessments and information I may find on my own, should be used in preparing for international travel. I also understand that if I have any health or security-related concerns while traveling abroad, I can contact the UNT Office of Emergency Management & Safety Services at (940) 369-6154 or for assistance.