Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) workplace safety standards and the UNT's Risk Management Services policy are intended to promote workplace safety. The university has developed several programs to facilitate safe work environments in order to minimize work-related injuries in the workplace.

Confined Work Space

The University of North Texas regulates the use of confined workspaces to ensure employees can enter and work in those spaces safely. Confined spaces are only approved and allowed for short periods of time as they are not designed for continuous occupancy by employees. A confined space is defined as having one or more of the following:

  • Small, narrow or cramped passageways
  • Entry or exit is by means of a ladder
  • Equipment in the space may make evacuation and rescue difficult

Work done in confined spaces must be approved and permitted by submitting a Confined Workspace Application to Emergency Management & Safety Services

Hot Work Permits

To reduce injury to people and damage to property, the University of North Texas requires all individuals performing temporary hot work to obtain a Hot Work Permit prior to performing work that could result in the production of fire or sparks. This includes, but is not limited to brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, thawing, welding, open burning, and fireworks.

Fill out the application for a Hot Work Permit here.

Building Inspections

The University of North Texas regularly conducts fire/life safety inspections to promote a safe work and residential environment. To accomplish this objective, the Office of Emergency Management & Safety Services often performs regularly scheduled fire/life safety inspections of university-owned and leased facilities. The inspections are used to prevent and identify fire hazards, ADA compliance issues, and OSHA violations.  

If you have identified a safety concern in a building on campus, please let us know by reporting a safety concern here.


To prevent employees servicing or maintaining machines or equipment from being exposed to serious physical harm or death as a result of hazardous energy not being properly controlled, the University of North Texas requires all individuals planning to service or maintain machines or equipment to obtain a Lock-Out/Tag-Out Permit. 
Submit an application for a Lock-Out/Tag-Out Permit here.