Group Training

Training is an important component of being MEAN GREEN READY! Group training is offered to any group of students and/or staff, including university departments, offices, and organizations. The goal of this type of training is to make your group more resilient and supply everyone within the group with the necessary skills and knowledge to help others in time of need. 

Although the university offers pre-scheduled training opportunities that are open to any member of the campus community, scheduling a group training will allow for everyone within a group to receive training together during a time and in a place that is convenient for everyone. 

Do your part in helping the community be resilient by browsing available courses and signing your group up today!


     Emergency Readiness Training                                                                       

     Fire Extinguisher & AED Training                                                                            

     Stop the Bleed Training

     Safety Coordinator Orientation

     CPR Certification

     First Aid Certification