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UNT Office of Emergency Management named StormReady, weather ambassador

The University of North Texas Office of Emergency Management has been recognized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association as StormReady for the second consecutive term, and as a first time Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador. These honors affirm the OEM’s ability to monitor weather conditions and keep the UNT community prepared in case of hazardous conditions.


“The UNT OEM has the facilities and resources not only to closely monitor hazardous weather that threatens the campus, but communication tools to get the word out quickly for the protection of students, faculty and campus officials,” said Eric Martello, senior meteorologist for the National Weather Service.


The StormReady designation has to be renewed every three years and requires the OEM to establish a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center, have more than one way to receive severe weather warnings and alert the public, create a system to monitor weather conditions locally and develop a formal hazardous weather plan.


“We are happy to have successfully earned renewal of our StormReady University status from the National Weather Service,” said Scotie Selman, UNT program director for emergency management. “Our status as a StormReady Uuniversity signifies that the university’s severe weather plans, procedures and resources continue to meet or exceed National Weather Service standards. It further demonstrates the commitment that exists within the organization to provide a safe environment for our campus community.”


Being named a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador honors the OEM’s ability to improve the community’s readiness for dangerous weather, water and climate events.


“UNT's weather ready ambassador status indicates a responsiveness and resiliency should an extreme weather event affect the UNT campus,” Martello said.

To achieve Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador status, the OEM has to collaborate with NOAA personnel, share success stories of preparedness and resilience and serve as an example by educating employees on workplace readiness.

“There are only a total of 196 universities and colleges out of an estimated 4,726 in the US that have been recognized as a StormReady University,” Selman said. “To be recognized as both a StormReady University and Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador is another accomplishment that sets UNT apart from all the rest. It also validates the hard work of the entire emergency management team and demonstrates the tremendous support we have received from the campus community.”


Photo of Emergency Management Staff