Mean Green Ready

Mean Green Ready logoThe University of North Texas utilizes Mean Green Ready, an online program, to create and manage all Continuity of Operation Plans. Our goal is to work with you to develop the best operating strategies for your department and for the University in the event of an emergency situation. To become an authorized user and begin creating a continuity plan, contact the Continuity of Operations Program Manager. Plans are overseen and approved by UNT’s Continuity of Operations Planning department.

Structure of Mean Green Ready

  • Self-Operated – Because campuses contain an extensive number of departments, the planning process must be self-operated. The Mean Green Ready tool contains all the information & guidance needed for its use. 
  • Easy accessibility– The Mean Green Ready tool is a straightforward questionnaire with clear guidance text and intuitive navigation.
  • Organized – The tool is oriented to stimulate departmental preparedness (via its action items). It collects only that data that is essential to its purpose. It avoids overly detailed recovery strategies. 
  • Final outcome: a campus-level continuity plan – The department-level plans identify both action items that can be accomplished by the department, and action items that belong to higher levels of the institution. These higher-level action items, taken together, comprise a powerfully focused campus continuity plan.

Creating a plan with Mean Green Ready is the first step to having a prepared and resilient department. After plan completion, departments enter the COOP Annual Cycle which ensures plans are exercised and updated.