Continuity of Operations

The University of North Texas is committed to the safety and protection of its employees, students, operations, and facilities. The University has critical operations that must be performed and must rapidly and efficiently resume during an emergency. The changing threat environment and events has raised awareness for the need of a COOP that will enable us to continue the performance of essential functions by utilizing an all-hazards approach. By planning for operations under such conditions, we plan to mitigate the impact of the incident on our community, our facilities, and our mission. We will continue essential functions during an emergency to:

  • Sustain the safety and welfare of University employees, students, and visitors
  • Maintain critical business, finance, and infrastructure operations
  • Deliver academic programs
  • Preserve critical research
  • Maintain health services

At the University of North Texas, the campus operates under an overall strategy of creating a 'culture of safety' institutionalizing and sustaining the concept of emergency and crisis management.