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Scotie Selman
Director of Emergency Management & Safety Services

Scotie Selman is the Director of Emergency Management and Safety Services, supporting a talented team responsible for managing and administering the university’s Emergency Preparedness, Continuity of Operations, Fire and Life Safety, and International Risk programs. Scotie has over 22 years of experience developing and managing risk management, emergency preparedness, and safety programs for organizations within higher education and behavioral health.

Scotie has a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Administration & Planning (EADP) from UNT.

Justin Stewart
Continuity of Operations Program Manager

Justin Stewart manages the Continuity of Operations Planning program at UNT. The purpose of continuity planning is to ensure the campus is prepared to continue providing essential services in the aftermath of any disruptive event. In addition to overseeing campus-wide continuity planning, Justin provides personalized, often one-on-one assistance and education to departments and divisions at UNT that must develop Continuity of Operations plans.

Justin has a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Administration Planning (EADP) from UNT and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Emergency Management & Disaster Science at UNT.

Meg Cochran
International Risk Control Coordinator

Julie Elliott, MS
Emergency Management Coordinator

Julie Elliott has been with Emergency Management & Safety Services since March of 2019. In this role, Julie oversees the facilitation of the Emergency Preparedness program at UNT; this includes facilitating the campus-wide Safety Coordinator Program, developing and coordinating emergency preparedness training opportunities, communicating directly with campus departments on building-level emergency preparedness, facilitating the office’s outreach programs, and coordinating the office's emergency management internship program.

Julie has a Master of Science in Emergency Management & Disaster Science (EMDS) as well as a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Administration & Planning (EADP), both from UNT. In previous positions, Julie has worked as a grant writer and a technical writer.

Ronnie Dobbs, CSP, CFPS
Fire & Life Safety Program Manager

Ronnie Dobbs manages the UNT Fire & Life Safety Program, ensuring all UNT buildings are thoroughly inspected and are complying with adopted fire codes and applicable laws. Ronnie interprets fire code requirements and recommends appropriate mitigation measures. As a part of his position, Ronnie evaluates hazardous materials, determining how best to provide appropriate protections to UNT visitors, students, faculty, and staff. He manages fire and life safety inspection statistics for annual inspections of all campus structures. He is the university’s primary liaison with the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Ronnie has a Master’s in Accounting from the University of Texas Dallas and is a retired firefighter. He holds three Master Certifications from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, is a Certified Safety Professional, and a Certified Fire Protection Specialist.

Chris Cooper
Fire & Life Safety Officer

Chris Cooper joined UNT in 2019 and is a retired firefighter as well as a United States Air Force veteran. Chris conducts comprehensive fire and life safety inspections to maintain the safety of UNT students, staff, faculty, and visitors. He also assists with coordinating fire drills in residential buildings at UNT, acts as a safety officer at UNT events, and issues hot-work and space heater permits.

Chris earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Occupational Safety & Environmental Technology from Tarrant County College and holds an Advanced Fire Inspector certification through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.