Continuity of Operations Planning

The University of North Texas is committed to the safety and protection of its employees, students, operations, and facilities. The university has critical operations that must be performed and efficiently resumed during and after an emergency. To operate under all threats and events, UNT utilizes Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) to outline how UNT will continue performing essential functions within an all-hazards approach. By planning for operations under such conditions, we can better mitigate the impact of an incident on our community, our facilities, and our mission. 

UNT will continue essential functions during an emergency to:

  • Sustain the safety and welfare of University employees, students, visitors, and the community
  • Maintain critical business, finance, and infrastructure operations
  • Deliver academic programs
  • Preserve critical research

UNT is mandated by the State of Texas to maintain a Continuity of Operations Plan. It is Emergency Management & Safety Services’ goal for all departments on campus to create and maintain a plan. A Continuity of Operations Plan is a collection of resources, actions, procedures, and information that is developed, tested, and held in readiness for use in the event of a disaster or major disruption of operations. A plan also helps prepare the university’s departments and organizations to maintain essential functions during or after a disaster. Having a Continuity of Operations Plan will minimize the impact of a disaster and help your department return to normal operations as you move through the Continuity of Operations Lifecycle

Continuity of Operations Lifecycle Chart

Phase I – Readiness and Preparedness 

  • Plan development, review, and revision
  • Test, training, and exercise activities

Phase II – Activation and Relocation

  • Plans, procedures, and schedules to transfer activities, personnel, records, and equipment to alternate facilities are activated

Phase III – Continuity Operations

  • Full execution of essential operations at alternate operating facilities is commenced

Phase IV – Reconstitution Operations

  • Operations at alternate facilities are terminated and normal operations resume

The University uses Mean Green Ready, an online COOP tool specific to institutions of higher education. For access to Mean Green Ready and assistance in creating a plan, contact the Continuity of Operations Program Manager. Additional information can also be found in the Mean Green Ready tab.

Julie Elliott
Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity Manager