Evacuation Chair Locations

An evacuation chair is a device that enables the safe movement of mobility impaired individuals down multiple flights of stairs.  They are easy to use and require minimal training to achieve an adequate level of competence.

Evacuation chairs are located in a number of buildings on campus.  Chairs may be found at the following locations:

  • General Academic Building on 5th floor in South-East stairway
  • Language Building on 4th floor by stairway
  • Wooten Hall on 3rd floor by North-East stairway
  • Chilton Hall on 3rd floor by North-West stairway
  • Matthews Hall on 3rd floor in hallway by elevator
  • Auditorium Building on 3rd floor by South-West stairway
  • Pohl Rec Center on 2nd floor by North-East stairway
  • Pohl Rec Center on 2nd floor by North-West stairway
  • UNT Police Department in the back of police car or easily deployed from the police station
  • Student Health & Wellness Center on 3rd floor by South-West stairway
  • Business Administration Building on 3rd floor by North stairway
  • University Union on 4th floor by West stairway

Evacuation Chair Training Video