University Plans

UNT regularly develops and annually updates plans to describe the processes and procedures the university will use to respond to emergencies affecting the campus.

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Emergency Preparedness Guide

The Emergency Preparedness Guide was developed by UNT Emergency Management Staff to prepare you for emergency situations. The guide contains information on:

  • Programs and initiatives UNT is undertaking to ensure the safety and security of the campus community 
  • Actions you can take right now to prepare for emergencies 
  • Actions you should take during an emergency to protect your life and the lives of those around you
  • The Emergency Preparedness Guide

Emergency Management Plan

  • Base document that guides the coordination between UNT, the City of Denton, Denton County, and other response agencies before, during, and after an emergency
  • Based on best practices in emergency management, including the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • The Revised 2012 Emergency Management Plan

Severe Weather Plan

  • Provides a framework of how the university will respond to a severe weather event to include: warning/notification, protective actions, and roles and responsibilities
  • The UNT Severe Weather Plan

 Bomb Threat Annex

  • This annex supplements the University of North Texas Emergency Management Plan (UNT EMP) with response guidlines pertaining to bomb threats directed at the university. Additionally, this annex will detail preparedness efforts tto increase the readiness of the campus community in the event of a bomb threat