University Plans

UNT regularly develops and annually updates plans to describe the processes and procedures the university will use to respond to emergencies affecting the campus.

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Emergency Guidelines

The following Emergency Guidelines provide general guidance in the event of an emergency. The guidelines are intended to:

  • provide guidance on first actions to take and how to obtain assistance in the event of an emergency,
  • serve as a useful tool during department safety talks,
  • supplement training provided during new faculty, staff and student orientation,
  • reference as a baseline when creating department/building specific action plans.

They are not intended to negate the need to develop custom plans with specific information pertinent to individual departments/buildings or replace the responsibility of faculty, staff and students to become familiar with specific information for their building, office or classroom. 

Emergency related information and resources are also available via the “Mean Green Ready” mobile app from UNT Emergency Management. The Mean Green Ready mobile app is designed to support emergency preparedness within the UNT campus community by providing quick and easy access to general emergency guidelines, resources, maps, important numbers and contact information for use by faculty, staff and students.

Some specific examples of useful information readily available in the app are building evacuation routes and shelter areas, exact AED locations, emergency phone locations on campus and emergency guidance for select emergency situations such as active shooter, fire, hazardous materials and severe weather.

View Emergency Guidelines

The Mean Green Ready app is a valuable tool right in the palm of your hand. Please encourage all faculty, staff and students to download the app and help promote emergency preparedness and safety at UNT. Download the app today at and be Mean Green Ready!

Emergency Management Plan

  • Base document that guides the coordination between UNT, the City of Denton, Denton County, and other response agencies before, during, and after an emergency
  • Based on best practices in emergency management, including the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • The Revised 2012 Emergency Management Plan

Severe Weather Plan

  • Provides a framework of how the university will respond to a severe weather event to include: warning/notification, protective actions, and roles and responsibilities
  • The UNT Severe Weather Plan

 Bomb Threat Annex

  • This annex supplements the University of North Texas Emergency Management Plan (UNT EMP) with response guidlines pertaining to bomb threats directed at the university. Additionally, this annex will detail preparedness efforts tto increase the readiness of the campus community in the event of a bomb threat